Can you bottle a tornado?

Can you bottle a tornado? That would be easier to do than try to keep up with the force that is Tiffany of Little Genie Productions.

The matriarch of a company that has been a big part of the Adult game and the Bachelorette Party Novelty business since the early 2000's.  Her creativity and originality have made her stand out but if you know anything about Tiffany, you'll know it's her personality that makes her special. 

I am very excited for you to find out how all this got started and how she is making moves to expand her reach from sex games for couples to naughty candy. 

As I walk into the offices of Little Genie Productions, I see Tiffany sitting at her desk. Her headset is on and she's talking to a supplier about a new game she has in the pipeline while tapping on her keyboard answering an email. 

She walk's over to her graphic designer’s desk and gives her some direction on some new artwork, hands some invoices to one of the ladies, then, she finally says hello and gives me a big hug.                                                                                                           

Let's go out here and talk where it's less crazy.  We walk out to her production area "This is where all the magic happens! " she says.

We take a seat on two folding chairs in the candy production room at her new facility (more on the move will come in a future post).

They have a set up just for bagging little mints into colorfully worded packs such as the "Fuck you you Fuckin Fuck " as well as packaging the world famous "Super Fun Penis Candy".

They have a cartoner that is used to box the ever popular "X-Rated Valentine Candy Hearts" and the original " X-rated Candy".

Then they also have the printer that prints all the naughty sayings on the hearts. This setup with the vibrating bowl is one of a kind being used for this purpose.  

To a person unfamiliar with the process it looks like a sexy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With the colorful boxes and the sweet smell of candy, it is a great backdrop for a conversation about sex games for couples, bachelorette novelties, and naughty candy.

 So, this is where Little Genie is today, having just purchased Candyprints LLC and expanding Little Genie Productions but can we talk about how this all got started?  " You bet!"

Why did you get into this business?

I was a young mother of 2 small children when I had my first sex game idea. The idea came about because I was trying to get my husband to come home after work and spend time with me.  When your children are young, it is hard to feel sexy and desirable and I thought this could be a fun way for the two of us to connect.

How did you come up with the name Little Genie?

I loved the idea of our game fulfilling the players sexual wishes.

When did you create your first game?

It was the summer of 1999 when I developed the first game.

What was the game?

The game was called Hot Sheets! It was a fitted bed sheet with the game board printed right on it. It was 4x5 ft of silk screening and came with 2 small pillow game pieces and 1 large foam die.

How did you come up with the idea?

I loved playing games and my husband didn’t so I thought that if I made the game something easy that we could do in the bed, he wouldn’t be able to say no.

How did you manufacture it?

I bought fitted bed sheets from a company on the East Coast, then took them to the printer, had 2 small pillows sewn for each game and ordered foam dice from a party company in Texas, then I put them together in my garage with friends and family to fill our first orders.  This was how I made the game for the first couple years.

Where did you sell it?

The first company I sold the game to was Lover’s Package in Seattle.

What was your first impression of the industry?

I didn’t belong, my product was soft and fluffy, not much of that was being sold in the adult stores at that time, but things were starting to change, and I believe that some of our products helped that happen.

What was the state of the industry at the time?

Most of the products were for men, by men and very intimidating.  The products now have a female focus with mainstream packaging and are more about feeling empowered.

How did you move forward after your first product?

I made my game and took it to the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in 2000. I was overwhelmed with the response and went into production to fulfill the orders we received. I remember one day shortly after I sent out the orders, I was following up with a customer to see if they needed to place a reorder, and they said, “I’m good on that item, but what else do you have?” So, that was my "aha" moment and I started working on some new items.

So that's how Little Genie Productions got its start. Over the years they have created a lot of fun products including the "Miss Bachelorette Sash" the original sash in the industry, "Pin The Hose On The Fireman", "Poker For Lovers", "Sweeten'D Blow" and many many more.

Tiffany's drive and passion has helped her build her brand into one of the most beloved companies in the industry. She prides herself in being a couples oriented company. Cute, Sexy, and Fun are the pillars of her brand and now with the acquisition of Candyprints it's giving the company a whole new avenue of growth.

The recent move into the new facility is giving Little Genie Production's the room to expand in the future.  Watch out for new Adult Novelties, Sex Games for Couples and Naughty Candy of all occasions.